Is Your Child into Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science and Design? Robotics & Beyond is the Place to be this Summer!!

robotics and beyondRobotics & Beyond is proud to host its 10th year of Summer Camp focused on engineering, robotics, computer science and design. K-12 students can grow their knowledge and experience in areas they already care about and explore new ones. Learn about careers and college paths from men and women studying and working in science and technology fields.

Robotics & Beyond isn’t a typical summer camp. You won’t be expected to follow or to keep up with anyone and not everyone does the same thing. You’ll have interesting projects to work on with a friend, alone or in a group and have
help if you get stuck. The projects you pursue and the progress you make are your own. We have mentors from high-school, college and industry to help and inspire.

In our Junior Camp, younger students work and play in projects specially designed for their age and skill levels but which all use and develop hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, problem solving and introduction to concepts of physics, chemistry, design, robotics and other areas. Although they have their own space, these younger students are in the same overall space as the older campers and they benefit tremendously from the exposure to older age groups and the great range of projects underway. Many parents, of both younger and older students, have told us that this broad integration of age, skill and project type is what they find most unusual and what they most appreciate and value about the camp.

Robotics & Beyond is located 30 Bridge St., Suite 204, New Milford.  For more information visit their website at, Email :  or call 860.944.6175.


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