Get to Know Waddell & Reed at Kidologie Goes Back to School

Waddell & Reed LogoThe relationships you build throughout your lifetime can say a great deal about who you are and, in some cases, where you’re going. This is especially true of choosing a financial advisor. You need someone who will take the time to genuinely get to know you and your very unique investment goals.

For more than seven decades, Waddell & Reed has established and cultivated long-standing relationships in hundreds of communities across the United States. Waddell & Reed financial advisors demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their clients, always guided by a profound appreciation for the vital trust that binds each of those relationships.

Regardless of your stage in life, your income or your goals, you need a plan to help you accurately manage your finances. Whether you have one simple need or would like an overall evaluation, we can help turn your dreams – such as sending children to college, providing for retirement, or simply accumulating assets – into attainable solutions.

For more information about how Waddell & Reed can help you plan for your future, be sure to stop by their booth at Kidologie or call Richard W. Sinoradzki at (860) 424-0004 or email


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