Pink Zebra Helps Raise Funds for EverWonder Children’s Museum

pink zebra

Thank you Pink Zebra Candles for helping raise funds for EverWonder Children’s Museum at Kidologie.  By purchasing items available through Pink Zebra’s Fundraiser program, 40% of the proceeds will go directly to EverWonder to aid in its construction!
Pink Zebra uses a Soft-soy based wax which results in a cleaner burning and consistent product, super-concentrated fragrance that lasts approximately 30% longer than other brands, and is responsible, renewable and sustainable earth friendly soy which comes from US produced soybeans.  Their Sprinkles are unique and can be combined with our other fragrances in a Simmer Pot or their new Sprinkles Candle Jars that are unique and have beautiful fragrances.   Stock up on your candle supply at Kidologie while helping a good cause.
The Pink Zebra Exhibitor Booth will be staffed by independent consultants, Len Mosteller and Pam Sanchez.  For more product information, visit their website at

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